American Walnut Gavels

American walnut gavel with brass engraving band. We engrave these with complex fill patterns and enough pressure to give great contrast once the engraving is oxidized (darkened), something that can't be done well with cheaper, aluminum bands. The sounding block is optional.

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Variant Name
Part No.
7.5" gavel
Sku: 5116
Dimensions: 3.5"x1.5"x7.5"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)
9.75" gavel
Sku: 5118
Dimensions: 3.5"x1.5"x9.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)
Gavel sounding block
Sku: 737
Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x .75"
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)