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Owner Jessie Swétel's 2023 Message

Big changes have happened at VAE in 2023. Here is Jessie sharing her perspective.


Art Glass - when the focus is on the Award Itself

Some people would prefer the focus to be on the award itself, and the current selection of art glass means others will be drawn to look closely, and so will see the awardees name, which is the point of recognition. Prices range widely to accommodate most budgets.


25+ Years - and It's Still Fun!

Margi Swett has owned Vermont Awards & Engraving, Inc. for more than 25 years


Supply Chain Disruptions

It’s everywhere! A huge number of items we expect to get next day are now backordered till 2022.

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How to Make an Awards Wall for Your Office

One of the most impactful ways to thank your employees is by creating an awards wall—a spot in your office that houses and celebrates the awards your employees have received. So how do you make a memorable awards wall? We’ve got a few tips for you to try out in your office.


Recognition Is Important! And It’s What We Do Best

Recognition of employees helps businesses have engaged and dedicated employees. It is hugely important and we can help!


Maple Landmark Expanded Relationship

This is great! Maple Landmark of Middlebury, VT. already supplies us with our Vermont shape and maple leaf plaques as well as custom-sized plaques. Now we're adding in the fun things they make that we can personalize for our customers.

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Happy Holidays

There is still time to place orders for the holidays. We will probably have to stop taking new orders 12/22 for products we have in stock (12/17 for items we have to order)


Employee of the Month: Usha

Usha recently celebrated her 6 year work anniversary at Vermont Awards and Engraving! She is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and has been a shop-dog since she was 8 weeks old.

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Why logo setup can be expensive (if done right)

Logo set up is a multistep process that involves design decisions and technical editing to source files. It can be a time consuming and costly process, but is always worthwhile.