One night last summer some very old friends had stopped by our house in Vermont for the night and we got talking about our recognition business and how good it feels to us
to make things we think people will be really proud to receive.

Our friend Charlie* said that recognition hadn't worked so well in his company. He's worked for this (nameless) national trucking company for 30 years, with an inner city route, rural route, long haul route and never in all those years has he had an accident or a ticket.

One day he got to work and saw that there was an interoffice envelope held by a magnet on his locker. He opened it up and inside was a certificate congratulating him on his
faultless record - a piece of paper and the worst, he said was, "My boss didn't even hand
it to me, home office sent it to him and he just stuck it up on my locker - he didn't care."

Some return for 30 years of careful attention to the purported company mission.

Do you have a story - maybe the same story?

*not his real name