Blue And Black Glass Award In 3 Sizes

A Stunning award - clear glass with blue and black silk screened upright, black screened base and felt bottom.

We laser engrave these awards from behind, through the screen on the back, leaving the front smooth. It makes for a lovely frosted etch. Comes in presentation box.

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Variant Name
Part No.
5.625 x 7.25 glass award
Sku: G2657
Dimensions: 5.625"x1.5"x7.25"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
5.875 x 7.75 glass award
Sku: G2658
Dimensions: 5.875"x1.5"x7.75"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
6.5 x 8.375 glass award
Sku: G2659
Dimensions: 6.5"x1.5"x8.375"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)