Desk Plate - Walnut

Desk plates are great identifiers and make a great business or graduation gift. Many metals are available and rotary engraved has clarity, texture and sparkle.
Desk Plate - Walnut
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Solid walnut desk blocks Gold brass is available with darkened letters but colored metal gives highest contrast. Plate choices that engrave gold are: black, purple, green marbleized, blue marbleized or ruby marbleized brass. Choices that engrave silver are shiny black or matte black.

We engrave these using a diamond cutter and complex fill patterns to cut into the metal. This makes for logos that pop and text with depth that sparkles and catches the light. We do not laser engrave metal as it makes a flat, lifeless award.

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Variant Name
Part No.
8 1/2" desk plate
Sku: DS8
Dimensions: 8"x2"x2"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)
10 1/2" desk plate
Sku: DS10
Dimensions: 10.5"x2"x2"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)
12 1/2" desk plate
Sku: DS12
Dimensions: 12.5"x2"x2"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)