Full Color Walnut Plaque - White Plate

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SKU: W68Wsub
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SKU: W1013Wsub

American Walnut with full color sublimation - a process that embeds dyes into coated metal. It is UV stable and permanent. The white background allows for the truest color representation. Pricing is inclusive - there is no letter count.

White can look like paper if there isn't a lot of color involved (much more so than on black piano finish). So generally we suggest silver or gold for the background - but artwork is everything. If you like, send us what you have and we'll be happy to offer an opinion.

 Sublimation allows showcasing of color logos, photos and clipart. We take as much time in the layout and design as we do with the more expensive engraving or sand carving processes. This is economical because the actual production time is short in comparison

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
4.25 x 6 walnut
Sku: W4256Wsub
Dimensions: 6"x4.25"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
5 x 7 walnut
Sku: W57Wsub
Dimensions: 7"x5"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
6 x 8 walnut
Sku: W68Wsub
Dimensions: 8"x6"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
7 x 9 walnut
Sku: W79Wsub
Dimensions: 9"x7"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
8 x 10 walnut
Sku: W810Wsub
Dimensions: 10"x8"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
9 x 12 walnut
Sku: W912Wsub
Dimensions: 12"x9"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
10 x 13 walnut
Sku: W1013Wsub
Dimensions: 13"x10"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive
12 x 15 walnut
Sku: W1215Wsub
Dimensions: 12"x15"x0.75"
Material: Walnut
Engraving: Inclusive

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