Sand Carved Roofing Slate

Sand Carved Roofing Slate
SKU: Slate9x12SC

Roofing slate from a quarry in Southern Vermont does not laser engrave reliably but the sand carving is magnificent! We recommend paint filling for added interest, although the deep etch can be compelling all by itself. Adding the copper part certainly makes this piece completely unique. Paint fills are $15 per color.

We used to offered these slates for laser engraving but until they are marked it's not possible to judge what the quality will be and, naturally, we can't just throw out the ones that don't measure up. Currently the more finished pieces we sell do not have a 9x12 size, hopefully that will change

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Variant Name
Part No.
Large Slate
Sku: Slate12x15SC
Dimensions: 12" x 15"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
Medium Slate
Sku: Slate9x12SC
Dimensions: 9" x 12"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
Small Slate
Sku: Slate8x10SC
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)