Spectacular Rosewood Piano Finish Plaques

The loss of high-quality metals in stock plaques has spurred us into creating our own looks and we like this one. Very bold and eye-catching, the blue brass diamond drag engraves beautifully gold and the fill patterns created for that engraving makes for a sparkling, textures, alive award. Everything else on the wall recedes!

This is an example - we can use this border on any other metal offered in our in-house-made metal plaques.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
7" x 9" piano finish plaque with border
Sku: 7x9RPFChainBorderblue plate
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
8" x 10" piano finish plaque with border
Sku: 8x10RPFChainBorderblue plate
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
9" x 12" piano finish plaque with border
Sku: 9x12RPFChainBorderblue plate
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)

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