Walnut Vermont Shaped Plaque In 2 Sizes

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SKU: W1357VTShapeSub

Made in New Mexico of American walnut this plaque is custom made for us. It's natural finish works best with engraving plates or sublimation (It is a bit dark to laser engrave directly into - there's just not much contrast). Photo shown is with sublimation. Plates and marking are included - there is no letter count. (Please comment if you have a metal color preference)

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Variant Name
Part No.
11 x 6 walnut
Sku: W116VTShapeSub
Dimensions: 11"x6"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
13.5 x 7 walnut
Sku: W1357VTShapeSub
Dimensions: 13"x7"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive

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