What We Do

We value our relationships as much as we value our quality.

We are quite picky about the services we do in-house, matching the best method to the product at hand. The services we offer that are made by others, we’re just as picky about. Here’s why.

Custom Laser Engraving

This sounds so cool (and it is).

A beam of light burns into the substrate (product) either reacting with elements in the product (silica in bricks), simply burning (wood), or by coating the substrate with a carbon solution that causes a bond. There are many things that engrave beautifully this way. Wood, plastic, bricks, acrylics, it’s great. For metal – it stinks. We know, most of our industry produces wood plaques with coated metal plates on their lasers – generally the only machines they have. Here are some examples of what’s great and what’s not.

Custom Rotary Engraving

The old-fashioned way has, rightly, been supplanted for many applications. 

We used to do everything this way. Now we mostly use them for metal engraving because they run on air pressure – meaning they can cut into the metal and the software we use allows for beautiful fill patterns. Here are examples of why we will never laser award plaques.

Using our Newing-Hall engraving machines we can engrave up to 20" x infinity (theoretically) but that gets into custom metal fabrication. We once bought a 72" x 28" aluminum plate a bus ticket from Boston.

Custom Sublimation

In the awards and engraving industry, sublimation is a full-color process that embeds dyes into specially coated products – it is permanent, doesn’t fade or flake, and can’t be picked at like silk-screening.

Custom Sand-Carving

A lot like sandblasting, only with a very fine grit that allows for delicate depth and detail.

Once upon a time, we did glass by rotary engraving, then tried the laser, but were never satisfied. The deep etch, shading possibilities, and hands-on artistry of sand carving in glass sold us. Glass, rocks, marble, slate, almost anything can be etched, given the time to create the artwork and the skill to create the finished product.

Custom Medals

Why do we bother to offer this when you can order them online cheaper? Here’s a reason.

Annually we order high-quality medals for UVM with the green and gold ribbon we’d all recognize. One year they came in aqua and gold. What would you do? Us? We shipped the medals back and had the company reattach all the ribbons. Thanks to our ongoing relationship – with future orders at risk – we can be assured of service an Internet customer might not.

Custom Ad Specialty & Promotional Products

Similar to the above, we have also found that we can often beat the online prices (you will find hidden costs like run charges, setups, etc.) and again we offer an ongoing relationship. We belong to Sage, which gives us access to zillions of products at all price points (would you believe an outdoor kitchen for $7,000? Naturally it would have your logo on it)!