Who We Are

We are woman-owned. We are award-winning. We are Vermont Awards and Engraving.

Please note - our staff is fully vaccinated so you may safely enter our showroom.

We are a group of people who believe our tagline Recognition is Respect Made Visible, and work to create each award, sign, or trophy in such a way that the recipient feels recognized and respected.

  • This is why we don’t laser metal  It is quick and cheap (and it looks it)!
  • This is why we won’t make cheap plaques (by lasering them) — We worked hard to develop an economic alternative because, budget aside, people deserve to be recognized with respect. This leads us to sublimation (where the design & layout takes just as long, but production is short).
  • This is why we invested in a sand carver — Glass blasted with sand has a depth that catches the light and adds a radiance to the finished product that lasering or rotary engraving can't match.
  • This is why we invested in laser technology — Metals aside, it does a superb job on plastics, acrylics, wood, and bricks.
  • This is why we have no phone menus — One of us will answer your call 9-5, M-Th EST.
  • This is why we are constantly finding new products and technologies — We come to work every day to spread the respect we have for our customers and the people they wish to recognize.
  • This is what makes us an award-winning team — We've won Best of Business awards every year it's been run, 6 so far. We're also a Better Business Bureau A+ business.

Margi Swett

Margi Swett and her husband Steve (now retired) bought what was then Vermont Trophy & Engraving in 1996, after years in the corporate world.

They wanted a value-added business that would add high value to products with updated equipment and highly skilled staff. Four years of winning the Vermont Best of Business Award for “Best Awards and Promotional Products” is a good sign of how it’s worked out!

Margi is also an engraver.

General Manager

Jessie Swétel

Jessie is the next generation owner and has returned after 3+ years working at other jobs that have taught her a lot. She was our first skilled sand-carver, knows all of production, many of our customers, and notes she's been part of the business since she was 8!

Customer Service Award Winner

Usha (Marie) Swett

Usha joined the group at only 8 weeks old in September 2013. She loves her job and takes it very seriously and has won the Gold Star Sales Person of the Year award every year.

When the door bell goes, she heads right out to greet her customers. (she's not totally sure she needed a little sister)

Customer Service

Lila (Louise) Swett

After some training by Usha, Lila is a great greeter - Usha now even naps on the job occasionally. Lila is so smart that when she's bored, she'll sometimes ring the bell on the door expecting customers to come through. She's very silly and clearly still in the toddler phase but loves her job.